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Be guided by life
and follow the path it chooses

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This site is dedicated to my enthusiasm for poetry and short fiction.  Feel free to read, enjoy and if need be, copy any item you feel you like, with due deference to copyright for the writer.
All photos in this website (with the exception of the album photos) are linked to external websites I find useful, so do please try and explore my realm.

I am a divorced father of two girls, live seperate from them, but still keep in contact as best I can.  I live in Feilding, a town of 15,000 in the south central part of the North Island of New Zealand.


I served in the Royal New Zealand Navy for 27 years until I was diagnosed with BiPolar Disorder, and have since been learning to live with this disorder.


They say out of adversity comes something to grab hold of.  My poetry has been my boon for the past five years.  It has given me an outlet,  writing it, critiquing it, and helping with a poetry website on the internet.  God, love the written word.


Links to poetry websites I use can be found in my links page.


You will find a diverse and eclectic range of writing in this website.  Some you might find different, some you'll recognise, some will make you think, but most importantly, it is all unique to who and what I am, and thus is me.  A lot is taken from experience, an equal amount is pure fiction, so see if you can recognise which is which.  But most of all, do have fun delving through the minefield of my mind, as I had fun doing the same for you.

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What's New?

New Poetry Added 22 July 2008
Pages Sixteen to Twenty - 150 poems in total.

As of 22nd July 2008 - 791 poems, 11 Short stories, 6 flash fiction stories, one novella.