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Poetry of a philosophical nature 

The Brakeman on the Brain Train

Life, like the steel of the tracks
is unbending only
when you're looking back
'cause you can't see the future as
straight as you'd like
can't catch a vision
on your imagined plight.
I am the Brakeman on the Brain Train today
the signals are switched
pointing the direction my way.

Passed the corners, round everyone's fate,
The driver he sees it
is it him I hate,
or can the desire to forget what has gone
disrupt my scopes
cremate our hopes
and send me reeling as ashes to ashes.
I am the Brakeman on the Brain Train my friends
the line is continuum,
Life never ends.

Baying for blood, the hounds they are howling,
the diners perverse
and the waiters be growling
and the chefs chop the fox up into demeaning pieces
as the viewers look sideways
and dream of their new days
at the prospect of finding a future ahead.
But I am the Brakeman on the Brain Train you scum,
though I only see what's gone
I don't pick up crumbs.

The dreamers and innocent sleep off their fear,
and the Sandman is creeping
as the Reaper is reaping,
And the children and the elderly think of the night,
behind eyelids tight shut
as the Reaper he cuts,
their prospects of continuum to a millennium rent short.
Why I the Brakeman on the Brain Train do cry,
for the ones ahead,
who've been, yet to die.

And the weight of the baggage, the conscience of possession,
the bigger the case,
the larger the obsession
and the miseries contained in the bags of the poor
are reeking their sadness,
the insanity of madness,
and the delusions of grandeur are packed for the ride.
See me, the Brakeman of the Brain Train look back,
at the scattered pieces
Of everyone's sack.

But the signaller is silent and the train it roars on,
and the towns pass by
hear the children cry
why the millions are gassed by the fear of the Maniac,
is the direction tainted
and the signallers' words painted
as graffiti on rail-bridges right across the land,
nay, if I wasn't the Brakeman on the Brain Train no more,
would you hear my call
and the Wolf at your door.

Catch the sound of the lonely as our whistle blows ghostly,
here the sadness of the past
as it pounds along fast
feel the wind of change as the future blows in
raise your head to the sky
see the heavens roll by
and ask of the One who steers this great train
If me the Brakeman on the Brain Train is keeping
a modest bequest
for the dreamers still sleeping.

Ask the driver if he sees the two lines ahead
converging to one
lying dark in the sun
or shining out boldly for all to behold
is the future so clear?
are we getting there?
or are we just holding on for dear life today?
Because I am the Brakeman on the Brain Train you see,
my face is always,
out looking behind me!


Apathetic Glory

Hey, you, you wasted arsehole,
Enjoy the show?
the kids being blown apart and shown
splattered on your screen,
I'll vent my spleen
to the apathetic crowd,
Step outside,
you pathetic snide shit.

Getting off your arse so hard to do?
turn off the ratings show,
the breaking news and all the innocent
not meant
to be killed in their prime,
by some dickless swine
with an insane hatred
of what his mum and dad supposedly did
when he was a kid.

Hey Mr. President, it's all your fault,
for calling us out,
making us shout our vehemence at the violence,
when you lead by example, not!
what a load of rot,
Let the Anarchists rule, in the homes
and the schools,
the let the Networks idolise those
whose cries - Die!

Hey, you apathetic wimps, Fuck you!
What do you do
to help change the bloody deranged,
steer the ship in a new direction?
let go of the erection?
as you surf the porn, it's you I scorn
my welcome worn out
At least I fucking shout!

Baying to the moon, hoping the doom
will somehow go away
leave you alone, bypass you in the passing bay,
Back to the lounge
and scrounge for some more little bits
of violence and shit
spreading the dead
across your fantastic vision,
as I pour my derision.

Marvel at the wastrels, iconacise the heroes
who count for zero
in my perception, marvel the deception
of your cheap existence,
your security inside
while your children died and witness the muck,
turn the page, Apathy,
you don't give a fuck!

Why am I strong, I don't belong
I'm not evangelistic
just being bloody realistic and hopeful
that your arse will,
someday make a move and follow your head,
out to the schoolyard
to the heartland
To the homes of the hidden
Do my bidding.

Beat back the Apathy, take some pity
on our fucked up society,
make a difference, be a Mum afraid of the gun,
afraid for her children and march,
March into history as
one of the few
Who beats back the Apathetic
Use your voice, you have no choice!

And if I find you still on your big fat arse,
I will not pass,
I must kill you with the remote, turn you off,
Hah! you scoff,
You don't deserve any respect
for lazing around, while
your kids are gunned down
But respect me you must
ashes to ashes dust to dust, sinner
Apathy in my lifetime,
will not be the winner!

A rather strong comment on the apathy that is evident in today's society and how politicians and corporate media networks make "informed" comment without really providing real solutions. Hypocrisy at its hypocritical best.


Democratic Hypocrisies Part One

Witness the hostages and the innocent
cuddled in the corner
the weapon of their captivity pointed
directly at their hearts,
the power of the ruling class
ridiculed, a feed of arse,
who voted the Kalishnikov or M16
into power?

See the news hounds greedy for the newsflash
swarm over the oppressors
and marvel at their own bravery for getting
the inside story
mock the former glory
of the democratic leaders
crestfallen, nothing to gain
who voted for the green clad warriors
now empowered?

Channels switched, satellites pulsing the signal
of a new dawn in humankind,
what are we achieving and leaving behind
was Orson Welles right
a brave new world tonight
or are we accepting our own demise
as the Hypocrite hangmen threaten our lives

You sit back in your comfortable chairs
and accept the reality
of the democratic hypocrisy and you wonder
why it is you don't
lift a finger, and linger
touch the remote, change the channel
watch the cricketers in white flannel play
a game.

And then the stark gloom of democracies decay
hits you square in the face
it is a dream once created by a superior race
and in the acceptance
of other cultures rights
democracy is blighted
as the hungry remain ignored and left unfed and learn
to fight.

And you blink back to the news and the hostages blues
and look at a fresh way
where all who are denied decide it's time for payback
and discover their voice
and freedom of choice
and wave the weapon
in defiance personified, blow soot in your face,
the wind of change.


Democratic Hypocrisies Part Two

The reds, socialism declined and is dead
the people fed, not happy but alive
under democracy,
the skyrockets fly,
spaceports in the sky,
millions left suffering
to rot and die.

The west, whose inhabitants think they're best
Lots of money, but no happiness
Easy ride, Blessed,
time to play, time to rest
violence on the streets, social mess
millions making money
to make more poor.

Hypocrisy in every word, who's the scum, who's the turd
who's right and wrong, who writes the song
where is the balance
Give bhuddism a chance
try Christianity's merry dance
exalt Allah's doctrinal parlance
swear to be good and try to be bad,
the human race
has been had.

Make a decision, then change your mind, derision
the effort you thought then left behind
Time to vote!
too few who spoke!
Everyone blowing their own smoke
filling the atmosphere with depleting gas,
the time of humans
will come to pass.

And the monkey and the owl, the cheetah and the cow,
look to each other for the answer to it all,
and each decide
that the gulf is too wide
and they need to abide
by the natural law, and if democracy is so cool
why is hypocrisy
a gift for the fools?


Democratic Hypocrisies Part Three

If we live in a democratic society?
Why do doctors take a Hippocratic oath.
So only they can have it both ways,
and act with impunity
no matter what murder they commit

If we can't deal with hypocrisy?
why do we question everything?
and seek answers that aren't really there,
yet believe we have found them
no matter how strange they may seem,
ah!! the dream!

Is democracy the only answer, If so?
What is the demanding question?
Order and regularity, a need for stability,
Hypocrisy, the need to upset the order,
change the methodology of stability,
challenge democracy, 'cause
you never can be free!!


Looking in for a Soul.

Look at their eyes,
Go on, look into their psyche,
can you see the loneliness?
can you see their heart?
Is their life such a mess when you will always be apart?

Looking for connection,
Seeking their interaction,
Can you get a smile?
A flicker of their Life!
Or are their minds denials when they're living in distress?

Look deep into your own self,
Can you feel your freedom, else,
if theirs is locked away,
Are they able to share their minds?
Can you see their awful fray? So tough for them to bind!

I see many minds in a minute,
try to read thoughts held in it,
Can they see me trying?
Why don't most answer?
Even a cognisant wink or reply would make me feel much closer.

But alas, the lonely are locked,
into the loneliness they seek,
Only seeking solace, I assume?
Anonymity from what?
You reach out and presume that you can help their lot!

Yes a heart is a good thing,
When you wear it on your sleeve,
But when its locked,
into the soul so hidden,
It can never be unlocked just for the sake of your bidding.

You have to keep trying though,
and if all else fails,
Ask them face to face
if they're part of this Race?
And if they turn from the chase, then they're not so sure.

Are you?


Barrels of Fun

Sort of looked at him and saw his hate,
wondered why his hand was held straight at me,
then I realised the steel full moon,
staring back at me wasn't meant for fun,
my former buddy
caressed his gun.

Looked into the starkness of impending death,
caught a panic attack, a nervous breath and sigh,
saw the crystalline metal so gleaming,
the curve of the rifling, brass nosed bullet,
watched the finger on the trigger, will he pull it?

Looked into the insanity of his minds eye,
expecting the answer to why I should die without reason,
Was it my religion, my unbending faith,
what had gone so wrong to incur my friends anger,
his eyes lost, fanatical!
Now my world, inexplicably in danger.

Or was it inexplicable to expect this discourse
when religions are faiths separated, remorse will never be,
Jihad or Crusade, Karma, Ying and Yang,
Never agreement amongst all to the hope,
that religion is decided by the gun, and some maniacal dope.

Are you a Palestinian, a Jew, or a killer,
Is your religion the fight for instilling hatred and greed,
Are you Bosnian, Serbian, follower or leader
Is your will, the will of the people,

testament to what you believe,
Or is the need for the barrel incessant?

Religion is power, God is the strongest
I look at the Barrel of fun and wish,

probably my last,
For the capacity to cherish each others lives,
and the need for compassion,

and tolerance in these crazy days,
the need for everyone to say "give life a chance!"

Refocusing on the now is so hard to do,
the life blood within me dies with each turn of the screw,
and the once friendly fickle, finger of fate,
starts to close around the destiny of mine
and I say to all,
Why did my beliefs make it worth me dying?

The finger closes,
Bullet shatters roses,
White pain
Man dies again.
Religions suck
Mans Mind Fuck!!


Youth, The disaffected unwashed

Ever wonder why there's so many scumbags around?

Why the disaffected youth of all cultures abound?

Why the silence of death is the approaching sound?

Why the ships of fools continue to run aground?


Ever wonder why the Gun is God.

Wonder why "spare the shaft, not the rod"?

Question those fellows who seem rather odd?

Ever wonder why we've run out of Cod?


Look all around you, and what do you see?

Young spoiling for fighting and a need to be free!

Rampant crimes, on society and self, yes it be!

The sacrifice of morals for the pleasures of ME!


The death of the family as divorce is so cheap!

Annexing the bonds of a marriage is steeped

in the bonds of commitment, our love we can't keep,

Power to individuality, you soulless, selfish creeps!!


Pain is the hunger, and death is the end,

Sun gets too hot and the river don't bend,

Hope ran eternal, now ditch your friends,

The hope of the future, disaffection must suspend.


Hands to the grindstone, work hard to survive,

Debunk the youth who lack energy and drive,

Make their life meaningful, bind them for life,

make Man your destiny, your mother and wife.


Put down the misery,

like you put down your dog.

Peace brothers and sisters

and thank you, Rog!


Sandal Shuffle Dawn on Daybreak Avenue

Old man, weathered,

leathered and gray,

Shuffles down the Avenue,

nary a thing to do,

For what's done

has been and gone,

Sandal Shuffle Dawn walks on forever,

All alone!


Daybreak Avenue, awash,

the posh strolling,

and leading their daily rituals,

waiting for death,

vying to breathe,

Sandal Shuffle Dawn stands all forlorn,

His last reprieve.


Sun up and days end, morbid,

The rigid stupidity

of the restless walk of the living,

heads bowed down,

the gauntlet thrown,

Sandal Shuffle Dawn catches the sting,

never knowing!


Lo, there's Daybreak Avenue,

revue of the lifeblood,

caked in the remorseless hopelessness,

of many blinded,

And dumbfounded, it seems,

by the mystical passing of Sandal Shuffle Dawn,

in their dreams.


Can you see that figure?

Caricature of self,

Strolling in your many blessed skins,

That drear feeling,

of life failing,

Can you see the poor men who seek the light?

humans ailing!


If you can,

Thank you,

after all,

ain't Sandal Shuffle Dawn

each of us in waiting?


Stones and Bombs

Sticks and stones, bullets and bombs,

Doctrine of followers

rent to the tomb,

At what cost?

the crackle of insanity,

The melting of mosque

and temple,

Humanity, the eternal kill!


Why is God Crying

Standing on the veranda
soft cottonwool rain
showering down smoothly
awash, my mangled mane.
Wondering why, when I am looking
through the misty night sky,
searching for the stars,
seeing no clouds.
Why is God crying,
on Me!

Why is this strange sight
happening for me,
Is God angry
or pleasurably pleased?
I seek the light to confirm
my innermost feeling
the sight of red
sends my consciousness reeling.
Why is God bleeding?
on me!

I expunge luminescence
prepared for the darkness,
of the thoughts that
will soon come racing.
Prepared for the questions
and the denials,
the defile of my worship,
Why is God testing?
You and Me.

The cottonwool of blood
mingles with the insanity
of thoughts that flood
our worldly abode,
The House of Man and God
stands dying and empty,
and I think how odd, Gods crying
Why can't you see?

Faith, love, hope and charity
eroded by the uncaring
daring of mock hilarity,
the mirth of the fallen,
once downtrodden, now walking,
over the souls of the good.
Why has God forgotten us?
Lent us his blood,
Once understood,
Now denied.

Seek the answers as to why,
Mankind is dying,
Seek the truth,
as to why God's crying,
Seek the answer and become the dancer,
God's got us puppets
dangling from his strings,
We get what we deserve,
and we get what God brings,
We get to a stage when
doubt erodes love
We get so enraged
when there's no God,

And when God's done crying,
and he's finally done dying,
so have we!



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