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Simple, sweet and fresh

Iron Butterfly

Sun touches cold wings
Iron Butterfly soars skyward
sparks float down in joy.


Evening showers

Orion throws a fit
heavens meteor shower
space rocks museums


Moon Sky

Mornings azure sky
fades a waning moonset
sunrise washes orange.



Vienna operetta
street music of the bourgoise
urchins sing gaily.


Small Art

A minimalist
divines inspiration from
small pieces of gold.


Killing Bugs

A 'roach suicides,
better than murdering it,
self exterminate.


The Pond Lillies

Loves dashing lillies
wind rushes rippled water
summers' breeze


Autumnal Winds

Blowing hot or cold
in zephyrs or frisky gales
autumnal winds prevail.


Giving Birth

Spring rains fall to ground
New buds abound everywhere
Flowers fill a painting.



Trout swim, deep blue pool
Sunlight sparkles boundless gleam
Fisherman waits alone.


Chimney Sweep

Brooms blow flakey soot
high upon warm swirling air
black figurines abound.


Her Aura Oozed

Her skin shimmered
Sweat mingled freely anon
In ecstacy, eyes closed.



Dog jaws agape
snarling wind bites hard
hackles raised high.


Winter Beckons Trilogy


Crisp frost smothers lawn
A cool air testament to change
Kids skate on thin ice.

Ducks clutter a pond
tracks like Icebreakers path
a cold feed beckons.

Black frost fogs valleys
Branches bend under icy weight
Stark white photograph.



Folded wings flutter
paper moths fly westward,
ink is barely dry.

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